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Expressions with "Hand"

Volunteer-Hands-LargeThe most popular phrases and words with "Hand"







Word or phrase



Hand it to

To give credit to

I've got to hand it to you your exams results are fantastic.

Give smb a hand

to help smb

Can you please give your grandfather a hand with carrying his heavy luggage up the stairs?

(at) first hand

1. from the original source; directly.

2. to know something firsthand is to be           directly  familiar with the facts.

I prefer to hear his criticism at first hand, rather than having it passed on by my boss.

at hand

1. near; close by

2. immediately available

I like to keep my tools close at hand.

(at) second hand

1. not from the original source; indirectly

2. not new; previously used

I learned of Mary's divorce at second hand.

by hand

not by machines but with the hands

You can make these drawings by hand, but computer graphics are more efficient.

change hands

to pass from one owner to another

This house seems to change hands every other year

eat out of someone's hand

to be completely dominated by or devoted              to someone

He had the press eating out of his hand.

force someone's hand

to force someone to act, or declare intentions,  before he or she is ready

He didn't want to decide just then, but the board forced his hand.

from hand to hand

from one person's possession to another's

The instructions were passed from hand to hand until everyone had seen them

from hand to mouth

with just enough for immediate needs and       nothing left over for the future

We simply live from hand to mouth, yet she owed us six roubles in the five months she lived with us.

hands down

 without effort; easily

We won the competition hands down.

hand in glove or hand and glove
in intimate association; in close agreement             or cooperation
And that sea captain must be hand in glove with them, Chiao Tai!
hand in hand

1. holding each other's hand

2. together; in cooperation or correlation

Together, hand in hand, the two of them walked into the terminal.
hand out to distribute; deal out Every lesson out teacher hands out a lot of material.
out of hand

out of control

The children were getting out of hand again.
helping hand any assistance, help or aid. Peter is always willing to lend a helping hand around the house.
on the other hand from another point of view On the other hand he is quite right.
hand over fist quickly or in great quantity, especially in       reference to earning money. He earned a big sum of money hand over fist.
get or lay or put one's hands on find, to obtain As soon as I lay hands on the book, I'll call you
in hand

under control

accessible at the present time

The police had the situation well in hand.
on hand available; ready; in stock.
close by; ready to help
The business needs to have enough cash on hand
off someone's hands out of or removed from someone's                 charge, possession, or responsibility. We hoped that once they saw the kittens they would take them off our hands
hand me down something, esp. an article of clothing, which is    used and then passed along to someone else I hate hand-me-down clothes.


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Some idioms with hand

A bird In the hand is worth two in the bush Don't risk losing what you have by trying to get more; it is better to value what you have than to try to get more
One can't hold two watermelons in one hand Do not attempt to take on more than you can handle
Caught with one's hand in the cookie jar Observed or apprehended while committing a theft, especially while embezzling money.
Know like the back of one's hand To be intimately knowledgeable about something, especially a place.
Biting the hand that feeds you Hurt the one who has been helping you

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