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Рифмовки на буквы английского алфавита (на английском)

urlРифмовки на английском языке помогут выучить не только буквы, но и много новых слов.






A a
Apples here,
apples there,
Apples, apples
J j
Merry Jimmy Jinn
is jumping in the jeans.
S s
Oh, Mary!
Come and see!
A big snake
is on the tree.
B b
Bounce! Bounce!
It is my ball!
It doesn't want
to stop at all.
K k
The King is strong.
The King is brave.
What is his name?
He is Nick Grey.
T t
Where is Tricky?
Where is he?
He is under the table.
Oh! I see.
C c
I am the cat.
My name is Hat.
I am not fat.
I like to chat!
L l
Who lives in Africa?
He, she or me?
One lion, and
two and three...
U u (an umbrella)
I've got a flower
above my head.
Blue and yellow,
green and red.
D d
I am the dog.
My name is Jack.
My coat is white.
My nose is black.
M m
Little mice, little mice!
Would you like
a piece of ice?
We would like
a piece of cheese.
Yes, please!
V v
Can you dance?
Can you sing?
I can play
the violin.
E e
Little yellow
bee, bee, bee!
How many flowers
can you see?
N n
How much
is one plus one?
Two big nuts
for little son.
 W w
Tim is slim.
Tim is tall.
He can sit
on the wall.

Рифмовки на английские буквы на русском языке

F f
One, two, three,
and four, and five!
I have got
a fish alive!
O o
Play and walk",
Says the clock.
 X x
I see funny foxes
With small boxes.


G g
I am a girl.
I've got a doll.
Her name is May!
We like to play.
P p
I've got a pet.
My pet is a pig.
His name is Pick.
He is not big.
 Y y
Fly! Fly! In the sky!
My nice and funny kite!
H h
Little mouse, little mouse!
Where is your house?
I am a poor mouse,
I have no house.
Q q
Marry the Queen
can dance and sing.
 Z z
We go to the zoo
and see a zebra, too.
I i
Spring is coming!
Warm and nice!
Ice is melting!
Poor ice!
R r
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
Nice red roses
you can see!

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